bring */*/*/

bring */*/*/
UK [brɪŋ] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "bring":
present tense I/you/we/they bring he/she/it brings present participle bringing past tense brought UK [brɔːt] / US [brɔt] past participle brought
If you bring, take, or fetch something, you hold it and go with it to another place. But which word you choose depends on the situation.
Bring describes movement to another place when the speaker or listener is already there: Bring the photos when you come to visit me. I'll bring the photos to your house tonight. He visited us and brought his sister with him.
Take describes movement to another place when the speaker or listener is NOT already there: Take the photos when you go to visit her tonight. I'll take the photos to her house. He went to visit them and took his sister with him.
Fetch describes movement to another place AND back again, bringing someone or something with you: Fetch the photos from the kitchen, will you. She's gone to fetch her brother from the station. Say "bring it to London" if you are in London; say "take it to London" if you are NOT in London; say "fetch it from London" if you are NOT in London and are not going to leave it in London.
1) to take someone or something from one place and have them with you when you arrive somewhere else

Bring a coat in case it turns cold.

Can I bring the children with me?

My parents always encouraged us to bring our friends home.

a) to have something with you so that you can give it to someone when you arrive
bring someone something:

I'll bring you some grapes.

bring something for someone:

I brought that book for you.

b) to get something for someone and give it to them
bring someone something:

Could you bring me a plate from the kitchen?

bring something to someone:

Don't get up – I'll bring your tea to you.

2) to move something somewhere
bring something down:

She reached up to the shelf and brought down a box.

bring something up:

Bring your hands slowly up to shoulder height.

bring something together:

Bring the two edges together and stick them down.

3) to make someone or something come to a place or be in a place

These policies will help to bring families back to the city centres.

bring someone/something to something:

Government investment has brought thousands of new jobs to the area.

They built canals to bring water from the river.

What brought you to Chicago in the first place?

4) to be the cause of a state, situation, or feeling

The agreement forms part of our efforts to bring peace to the region.

Bad weather brought chaos to the road and railway networks.

Morning brought no relief from the heat.

bring someone something:

The baby has brought them great joy.

bring someone/something into contact with:

My work brings me into contact with all kinds of people.

5) if something brings a number to a particular total, it makes it reach that total

Forty-three new members joined the society, bringing the total membership to 157.

Two other people with the disease bring the number of confirmed cases to 16.

6) to start a legal case against someone
bring a case:

The case was brought by the European Commission in 1987 after the government failed to reduce pollution levels.

bring an action/prosecution/claim:

The council has brought this action to protect the interests of the residents.

bring charges:

The authorities are expected to bring charges against both parties.

7) used for saying that you have finished talking or writing about one thing and are going to talk or write about another

This brings me to the problem of how and when language is acquired.

8) to provide people with something that they can buy or use

Our journalists work to bring you the region's most comprehensive news service.

Count on us to bring you the best in new technology for the home.

bring a smile to your face/lips — to make you smile

bring something to an end/a close/a halt — to make something stop

He brought the conversation to a close.

Phrasal verbs:
boil II

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